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User Info: ShmickMofo

4 years ago#1
I was hoping someone out there could help me power level my assassin. He is level 38 and I was hoping that there would be someone out there who is farming Terramorphis and wouldn't mind me sitting in for the experience. I am not after loot or anything, just hoping to level up.
I just downloaded the new compatabiity pack but I only have the 1st DLC as well so I was hoping to avoid those areas. I also don't have a mic handy so I won't be chatting.
Hopefully someone can help, until then I will be just working through some missions. Please send me an invite to your game if you can help :)

Gamertag: ShmickMofo85
I am as serious as a juicy batch of AIDS- SkunkySkunk

User Info: iPunchedHerFace

4 years ago#2
Send me an message ill go ahead and do it,

GT : iPunchedHerFace
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