legendary rares

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User Info: Kamden_T

4 years ago#11
killbot357 posted...
lol if you think I don't dupe because I don't work

well some of us don't feel entitled to every thing in the game without putting in the effort to get it to drop in the first place, we aren't all Pandora Welfare Queens like you

First post I have read here that has literally made me lol

User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#12
Tsuruke posted...
ValiantVaan posted...
well some of us have to work and i dont plan on playing this game and only this game for 10 years picking at it when i have the time just to get 1 rare drop, ive killed bunker like 200 times i think ive put my time in, plus already have some of the other rares so its not like i havent tried grinding at all. dont respond to posts that your not willing to help on, go troll in your cave.

Playing Devil's Advocate here but... So do I 40+ hours a week -- yet I don't dupe and find time to play the game as I enjoy it (in a legitimate fashion) -- and have time to have human interaction with friends, amongst other things as well.

So the "time for work" argument isn't quite sound.

This^.... Yep, using the "I work & have a life" argument is annoying. I work an avg. of 45 hrs/week. I spent plenty of time with family & friends. And I've still had time to put in close to 600 hours on BL2. ALL of that time has been spent killing, exploring, farming, and more killing. None has been spent duping, and I gotta say, I'm quite happy with the arsenal of weapons I've found. And I'm also quite happy that there's plenty more to go find, after work that is.
TOOLarmy 4 life. Spiral Out.....

User Info: Theismos

4 years ago#13
In all seriousness though...is there really a Pandora Welfare system? Is there a certain location in game you sign up for it? If I could get a few legendary's at the first of each month that'd be super.
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