Ill Dupe everything on my Character if you give me

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  3. Ill Dupe everything on my Character if you give me

User Info: minsterXYZ

4 years ago#1
I need a (Want badly)
(LV50 Leg Soldier Class Mod), (Legendary Beserker Class Mod), (Any Homing Slag Transfusion LV50), Good Sandhawk (all mine sucked so far), LV50 Retcher, Good Hail, Good Kerblaster, (LV50 Elemental Shredifier), High % LV50 purple Protection Relic

2 of my characters. I will dupe all from Maya and 4 (claptrap bank worth) from Axton after I get my stuff.
Maya (Not equipped)
LV 50 Oranges
Sledge’s Shotgun
Large Bunny
Slag Speedy Badaboom
Rustlers Striker
Fire DVA Infinity
Shock DVA Infinity
Vengeful Infinity
Onslaught Veruc
Corrosive DVA Infinity
DVA Infinity
Original Deliverence
Scalable Conference Call
Loaded Maggie
Patriots Infinity
Shock Vengeful Infinity
Rightsizing B*tch
Skookum Skullmasher
Legendary Siren Class Mod
Legendary Hunter Class Mod
Legendary Mechro Class Mod
Homing Pandemic
Rolling Thunder
Longbow Storm Front
Sticky Homing Fire Leech
The Bee
Lv 30 Plasma Caster Corrosive
LV 40 Gentl e Home Security
LV50 Thick Evil Smasher
LV50 Redundant Fibber
LV50 Sherrifs Badge
LV 50 Evolution
Guitless Hellfire
Rightsizing B
Fire Punitory Norfleet
Corrosive Rightsizing b
Deep Veruc
Cutting Slagga
Fire Right Sizing B
Sticky Homing Corrosive Bouncing Bonny
Unending Infinity
LV50 Good Touch
Lv50 Bad Touch
Lv42Miss Moxxis Rubi
Lv42 DP Handcannon
Gamertag xXGunx4xH1R3xXx

User Info: minsterXYZ

4 years ago#2
Dont need it all at one time, if you have one or more thats great
Gamertag xXGunx4xH1R3xXx

User Info: Neo_Dekar

4 years ago#3
I've got a decent Protection Relic and a Fire Sandhawk. I'll be online tonight after 6 EST. Gamertag is The One Nation. I'm really interested in your Jakobs' Legendaries and the Veruc.
Game on.

User Info: minsterXYZ

4 years ago#4
Problem is I work at 6. Ill try and get on aftr.
Gamertag xXGunx4xH1R3xXx

User Info: ElvesAteMyRamen

4 years ago#5
I've got a LVL 50 Shock Shredifier if you want it. I'm only really wanting the Loaded Maggie you have in return. Can you tell me what it's stats are?
GT: iX RaZcaL iX

User Info: DieRomantiic

4 years ago#6
Got corrosive sandhawk and legendary commando mod if you can wait til later today.

Could use an infinity and stormfront
Before the Nightmare
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  3. Ill Dupe everything on my Character if you give me

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