Tips on spawning OOO?

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User Info: olan231

4 years ago#1
Topic. I've been trying to spawn him for two days now. I decided to start going after the other bosses and now I'm trying again. I have a location where there's three bad*** savages that spawn, but for some reason they don't want to get past Ultimate Bad*** Savage. Is there a time limit to leveling them up? And when they have those crosses spawn on their head when they're being healed instead of leveling, that's the sign I should stop and kill, then restart right?

Any tips would be appreciated, if any can be given.
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User Info: SkullGnasher

4 years ago#2
Im not sure, but it seems like spawning Vermivorous, where you should have only one Ultimate Badass. We usually kill a couple of them off, let the weaker ones run around unti OOO shows up. I personally hate him and think its a waste of time, but my friends insist on the Twister.
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  3. Tips on spawning OOO?

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