B**** worth farming?

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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#11
YES! get that gun. Get it, get it, get it! I got lucky finding one in the treasure room. BNK-3R still hasn't dropped anything for me.... He's catching up to McNally as my most hated rival..... and mercy, but I just gave up on him.
TOOLarmy 4 life. Spiral Out.....

User Info: need4speed6448

4 years ago#12
I got both an analytical b**** and a caustic b**** from bunker. The caustic one is op against any armored enemies and with the increased clip size with my siren and the 50% stockpile relic for smgs, they are both op because of the extreme accuracy while hip firing crit spots.
Gt: aH x Akimbo
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