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Pete is generous isnt he

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  3. Pete is generous isnt he

User Info: xHuckleberry

4 years ago#11
Sand Hawk+Bee is a pretty simple solution to pete.

User Info: DJSkingz

4 years ago#12
Drops I've gotten from Pete:

Thunderball Fists
Fire Bee x 2
Legendary Berserker Mod x3
Legendary Soldier Mod
Bonus Package
Rolling Thunder
Logan's Gun
Baby Maker

User Info: DieRomantiic

4 years ago#13
jloewenstein posted...
DieRomantiic posted...
Alot better than hyperius.

Yep. Only one orange from hyperious, in my case. But it was a Shredifier, so I can't complain.

Ironically thats all he dropped for me as well, corrosive too.
Before the Nightmare


4 years ago#14
I did as well. I usually use dual caustic norfleets with my gunzerker in pete's pyro bar to inflict more that a million damage on everything in its path.

User Info: z0mbin3_81

4 years ago#15
using the four player glitch he still hasn't dropped a single orange and barley any purples. Man, I must've kicked RNG's dog or something.
"Pandas are like frosting, they scare the chipmunks away" - Benjamin Franklin

User Info: dankbud

4 years ago#16
Ive hit him 20 times today and got:

Rolling thunder
Storm front
Bouncing bonnie
Maybe 1-2 more im forgetting

Hes dropping a ton for some reason. Never had great luck before today with him tho

User Info: dankbud

4 years ago#17
Add another rolling thunder, a hammer buster and a cradle shield to the list.

Getting about a 50% legendary drop from him today

User Info: CloakedMalice

4 years ago#18
he drops orange every time i visit him, the only times he didn't was when i went to hyperius first.
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  3. Pete is generous isnt he

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