help with "so much blood" achievement

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User Info: Ardore_Messor

4 years ago#1
Hey gamefaqs. Just wondering if anyone had an unstoppable berserker class mod around level 23 I could use. That is the last achievement I need and any help would be appreciated. If you want, I have no problem giving it back after I am done with it.

GT is ensign53. I'll be on for a while tonight, please just send me a message.

Much appreciated in advance.
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4 years ago#2
This achievement is simple. I have a level 50 gunzerker, and other people may want to set their skills differently, but let me give you my suggestion on how you should set your skills. I basically maxed out the rampage skill tree for the most part. By doing this as long as I kill something I will gain an extra 12 seconds of gunzerking and also am able to throw 2 grenades and use 1 grenade in my inventory. Imagine using a homing fire bee or homing storm front in pyro pete bar in the bar room tier 3 rematch, its ridiculous, as well as arming 2 Norfleets with 226,000 damage times 3 on each. I cause 1 million damage on everything I hit and it usually clears out 2 rooms when I shoot it. You should be able to get the achievement after level 27, Your need to max the skils last longer and yippee ki yay and you should be able to get it each. Run through the bloodshot stronghold to be able to get a continuous stream of enemies to get the achievement.

User Info: BojoBlitz

4 years ago#3
There's a super easy method for it if you haven't finished Marcus' shooting range quests

User Info: LifeIsABigGame

4 years ago#4
This is an easy achievement to do. I did it when I was in the bandit slaughter dome at around lvl 20. All u need is an acid and a fire weapon. Preferably uzis for there r more effective in killing with the elemental damage. All u need to do is max out last longer and y.k.y. and u should b set to murder tons of bandits.
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User Info: Teepot

4 years ago#5
I've been having trouble with it too. >.<
I figured I'd eventually get it while leveling my gunzerker but somehow I reached 50 and finished tvhm without ever getting it. D:
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User Info: htka

4 years ago#6
I got both this one and the assassin one awhile back killing Fleshstick.

User Info: TakaRai7

4 years ago#7
All else fails, the warrior
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