Mechromancer...Worth it?

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User Info: Testsubject35

4 years ago#1
I have completed leveling up all of my characters to a level 50 (except Siren, waiting to keep playing her co-op she is a 47.) I am getting bored with farming, and since i have almost everything i want in the game minus a few items of course ( i just don't feel like farming them) I was wondering...IS the Mechromancer worth buying and playing as? i will most likely be playing her solo. Is she worth the $10?

User Info: Bloodmoon313

4 years ago#2
i have a level 50 mech she isnt bad and i do like her over the commando but i did get mine for free and you know what they say about free stuff
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User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#3
She'll be on sale soon enough, again. If you could wait a week or two, she'll only be five.

I know five isn't much, but I honestly don't believe she's worth ten bucks.

She still has many glitches associated with her, and GBX has shown they don't give two sits about fixing any of them by releasing those dollar grab skin dlc instead of devoting their resources to fixing them. I find that to be very offensive.

I also find her to be the least fun character to play.

User Info: Testsubject35

4 years ago#4
thanks for the input...when/why will she be on sale?

User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#5
Things go on sale periodically. I'd expect a 2k products sale when Bioshock drops.

User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#6
She's a very good class, probably my favourite class overall. I'd be hesitant to pay $10 for her though. I got her for free, but I'd get her for $5 for sure.

User Info: Shmewdog

4 years ago#7
If you wanna just snipe and play defensively while DT goes in and obliterates than you can. You can also charge in alongside DT with Anarchy which is tricky to use but with the right weapon its ridiculous.
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User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#8

User Info: atomicbreath

4 years ago#9
If you are looking for something different and new to add to your BL2 experience, definitely get Gaige at some point.
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User Info: squiggy9996999

4 years ago#10
^i was under the impression that her mech is only strong first playthrough, after that it's mostly to buy time as a distraction.
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