level 55 Demon Triggerman?

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User Info: Diachylon

4 years ago#1
So my friend, UmmQuestionMark, and I were fooling around in Big Game Hunt and the witch doctor leveled up a triggerman to a 55. We know they only level up 4 times sooooo....what happened? He has the same title as a level 54 but he's a 55. Its going on as I speak, we havent killed him yet. Any answers as to why this happened?
Xbox GT: s boo11

User Info: slysalt

4 years ago#2
he spawned as 51+4 levels

User Info: UmmQueStionMark

4 years ago#3
He spawned at 50, I watched the two of them, and there were only two, but it must of just glitched, but we also expected some decent loot, NOPPPE, a full 5 dollars.

User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#4
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