LF: Bladed Maggie?

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User Info: JeremyHollers

4 years ago#1
If there even is such a thing, send me a message on Xbox LIVE and we can do business.
GT: Jeremy Hollers

User Info: Kongatthegaties

4 years ago#2
I have a bladed Maggie (I believe it's called a "Bowie Maggie", if I recall correctly). The one I have is only level 19, though.

If you still want it despite the low level, I'd be more than happy to dupe it for you. I should be on this evening or, if my wife and I go to the bar instead, I will be on tomorrow evening.
GT: Kongatthegates

User Info: H3nryW1ls0n3

4 years ago#3
It wouldn't let me message you on live so I invited you.
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