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User Info: KaBoom1322

4 years ago#61
... Back to a trading topic now please.
A homo habilis discovering his opposable thumb says what

User Info: xXXxMrBxXXx

4 years ago#62
dankbud posted...
xXXxMrBxXXx posted...
dankbud posted...
xXXxMrBxXXx posted...
dankbud posted...
Im mainly looking for a norfleet.

Have a bunch to trade for it

Have a Hammer buster?If yes, which variant?

I do. dont remember the variant. have to check next time im on

I have a corrosive Norfleet for you in my safe.Send me a message, we'll work it out.

Also looking for a grounded Black hole shield, if anyone have this, please let me know, i'm sick of farming for such a specific thing.

GT: xXXx Mr B xXXx

Here's the Hammer Buster:


Deal! Nice gun! Send me a xbl message.

User Info: kyle514

4 years ago#63
Anyone have an Infinity Pistol around level 35 they would be willing to trade? I don't any lower level Legendary's but I have quite a few level 50s.

Here is what I have for trade.


React Hornet
Vengeful Infinity
Rapid Infinity
Purging Infinity
Unending Inifinity
Crammed Unkempt Harold
Two fer Maggie
Gunstock Maggie
Dastardly Maggie
Loaded Maggie
Potent Thunderball Fist
Double Spiker (E-tech)
Earnest Spiker (E-tech)
Clean Spiker (E-tech)
Double Penetrating Devastator (Seraph)

Refill Baby Maker
Brisk Baby Maker
Perm-Sharp Baby Maker
Guaranteed Baby Maker
Rightsizing B***h
Social B***h
Bullets Go fasterfied
Corporate Plasma Caster (E-tech)
Skirmish Plasma Caster (E-tech)
Stoic Plasma Caster (E-tech)
Flying Plasma Caster (E-tech)
Quality Plasma Caster (E-tech)
Rightsizing Yellow Jacket (E-tech)
Bladed Tattler (Seraph)
Rightsizing Actualizer (Seraph)


Scalable CC
Practicale CC
Reactive CC
Restructuring CC
Critical CC
Social CC
Bad Touch Flakker
Restructuring Splatgun (E-tech)
New & Improved Splatgun (E-tech)
Extra Large Splatgun (E-tech)
Royal Retcher (Seraph)
Gentle Retcher (Seraph)

Assault Rifles

Sever Shredifier
Rapid Shredifier
Ferocious Shredifier
Expandifide Madhous!
Slippery Kerblaster
Nasty BlASSter (E-tech)
Taktikal BlASSter (E-Tech)
Sever BlASSter (E-tech)
Fast Bullets BlASSter (E-tech)
Scout Seraphim (Seraph)

Rocket Launchers

Fiddle dee Nukem
Pertinent Pyrophobia
Rappid Badaboom
Deep a Nukem
Punitory Norfleet
Paritisan Topness
Large Bunny
Pertinent Norfleet
Pokee doke Error Message Error Message (Seraph)
Derp Ahab (Seraph)

Sniper Rifles

Razrez White Death
Banbury Volcano
Gentlemens Volcano
Dandy Volcano
Britva Moloko (E-tech)
Cohesion Hybridification (E-tech)
Longitudinal Hybridification (E-tech)
Razres Moloko (E-tech)
Cartel Railer (E-tech)
Barking Railer (E-tech)
Liquid Railer (E-tech)
Gromky Patriot (Seraph)


Alkaline Bee
Grounded Bee
The Bee
Black Hole
The Sham (94% & 83%)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
The Neogenator
Fabled Tortoise
The Cradle
---XBL: doppelganger514
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