Conf call & the bee dupe

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User Info: Cypanther93

4 years ago#1
Been farming the bee and conf call for days now I can't do it anymore its driving me insane lol if someone could dupe it for me it'd be great gamer tag Exzacktlyyyy

User Info: sshadow5002

4 years ago#2
Do ya have anything to offer?
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User Info: Cypanther93

4 years ago#3
I got the hide of terramorphus and the volcano but that's it

User Info: Abraxas031

4 years ago#4
I have Terramorphous Assassin class mod
Legendary Berzerker class mod
Liquid Pitchfork
Operational Pitchfork
Restructuring Conference Call

If sshadow5002 can dupe my stuff or interested in my stuff I can help. I've been trying for a Shredifier, Leech grenade and a Bee for a while now.

GT Abraxas031

User Info: Dmonty_69

4 years ago#5
I got all that you need :) lets trade up

GT is dmonty21
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