Conference call dupe?

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User Info: JamesPearson

4 years ago#1
me and my friends have been trying to get the conference call for a few weeks now with no luck, I can't see us getting it any time soon and was wondering if anyone could duplicate one for me?

User Info: artvegan83

4 years ago#2
i will do for whatever legendary under level 50 you have, that and all i have.

GT ArtVegan83

User Info: devildogs

4 years ago#3
I can dupe them if you still need them.
I will not be denied my rightful place in the nightmares of men.
GT - Titus Crow USMC

User Info: samvo

4 years ago#4
I give up. I'll take a duped cc if I can please?

User Info: Abraxas031

4 years ago#5
if you still need one send invite Abraxas031

User Info: jphahn2011

4 years ago#6
I need a cc. I can dupe lvl 50 bee, nukem, legendary soldier mod, and some other legendaries.
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