Your First Playthrough: What Legendaries did you find?

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User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#21
1st playthrough 1st character completed (Zer0): Volcano
1st playthrough 2nd character completed (Gaige): Gub, Bonus Package, Deliverance, and Infinity
1st playthrough 3rd character completed (Maya): Nothing
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User Info: Sqweamish

4 years ago#22
Just a Gunnerang.
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User Info: PapaJebus1988

4 years ago#23
LVL 25 corrosive white death. Helped a lot further down the road lol

User Info: HappyGoNowhere

4 years ago#24
Off the top of my head...

Logan's Gun
A couple grenade mods I can't quite remember the names of
2 Badaboom Rocket Launchers

And I think I might have had more but I can't remember if they were just uniques.

I played with the first three DLC installed though so I had a few more chances.

User Info: Jackm415

4 years ago#25
The_Heap posted...

GT: Jackm415

User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#26
Zer0: Thunderball Fists (1st ever), WTF, Conference Call, Longbow and a Maggie.

Gaige: Slagga

Maya: N/A
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User Info: capnovan

4 years ago#27
Bunny RL from a chubby spider ant first time in the Dust

McNally dropped a Hammer Buster

Dukino's Mom dropped a Mongol
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