Favorite Gunzerker build?

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User Info: FAILUREtoreply

4 years ago#1

I have the Legendary Mod and using 2 Infinity pistols

I never use 1 gun anymore thanks to this combination!!
And I'm all out of bubblegum

User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#2

User Info: EmperorBlack

4 years ago#3
heh, my favorite character in this game... I can't resist any kind of Salvador discussion. At first I was mainly Brawn with left-over skills in Rampage, but I later switched it around to Rampage focus with the secondary focus in Brawn...it's SO good I doubt I could go back or ever change it to anything else. I'm rolling with this, which is probably one of the most popular Salvador builds:


The only variance is that I may occasionally change the last 4 points from Bus to Just Got Real...or perhaps take 1 point out for Fistful of Hurt, or 1 point for Double Your Fun. Heh, I still haven't tried Gun Lust.... the only skills that jump out to me as notably good are Divergent Likeness, Moneyshot and Down Not Out....maybe I'll try it out one day, out of curiosity, but Rampage focus with Brawn secondary is SO much fun.

User Info: BigSai29

4 years ago#4
@OP Doesn't make sense to go 5/5 Money shot if your weapons of choice are 2 Infinity. I question All I need is One as well since using 2 Infinity doesn't lend itself to swapping often and it just makes more sense to have a steady 15% from I'm You're Hucklberry. Makes a lot more sense to go 5/5 I'm Your Huckleberry/Divergent Likeness over All I need is One and Money Shot.

I know you want to get 6 for 1 on the Lock and Loaded but again, it triggers on a reload. It depends on what your other 2 weapons are though I suppose.
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