A humble (albeit brazen) request

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User Info: SerlapBack

4 years ago#1
So I've been playing the game for months now. Enjoy it a great deal, but I'm not a hardcore player who has the patience (or the firepower) to grind the instance bosses. As a result I'm severely lacking in good loot. So I thought I would try to throw myself at the mercy of the board here, well aware that I'll probably be torn apart. But here goes.

The character I'm looking to get this gear for is level 37, going on level 38. He is a Grand Titan Gunzerker. My shopping list is as follows.

1x Conference Call - Not going to lie, I only heard about this through the board. But it looks like a good gun, even with the Bee fix.

1x Sledge's Shotgun - I have a love affair with this gun stemming back to the first game. I don't know if it works the same, but hey.

1x Maggie - I already have one, but I'd like to double fist them. Mashers are fun.

1x Neogenator - I'm honestly not sure if this comes in lower levels, but I love Adaptive shields.

1x Bonus Package - Holy crap these are my favorite grenades. Ideally a x10 one, because yay for nice rounded numbers.

1x ... Good Grand Titan class mod around my Salvador's level, ideally a purple one. I have my doubts that there are legendary ones at my level, so. I'll take what I can get.

So, here's the big thing that I'm sure will get me trolled into oblivion.. I don't really have anything decent to trade. None of my stuff is level 50. The best I have is a level 49 Bee that a friend gave me. I am basically looking for the kindness of a stranger to give me these things I'm looking for, or at least accept my Bee in trade for all those.

If you feel I'm just being a lowly noob begger, that's fine. I understand that sentiment, and I don't defend myself from that line of thinking. If the only responses I get are negative ones, I'll accept that as all I'll get and drop this topic quietly with no further response.

Thank you, I humbly await your replies.
Best in the World - 7/17/11

User Info: partytrev

4 years ago#2
Are you ok with lv 50 stuff? I dont have lower level stuff.

User Info: SerlapBack

4 years ago#3
I appreciate the gesture but unfortunately level 50 gear would be beyond me for a long while. Thank you anyways, though.
Best in the World - 7/17/11

User Info: partytrev

4 years ago#4
Sorry then.

User Info: xboxBUNZILLA

4 years ago#5
whats your gt?

User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#6
Get to 50, repost this. You're just going to want level 50 versions of these things eventually anyway.
XBOX GT: illbzo1
Currently playing: Borderlands 2, Dead Space 3, Fire Emblem: Awakening

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

4 years ago#7
Board needs more casuals like TC.

Polite, thoughtful, and not whiny or entitled.

Kudos, TC. If I had any low level stuff I would happily do you a solid.

Edit: just remembered, I do have a LV 38 longbow stormfront.
Borderlands 2 BAR: 72178

User Info: SerlapBack

4 years ago#8
Apologies for a later response to everyone, but I was absolutely exhausted after a long day with no sleep and needed to lay down.

My gamertag is BerlapSack. I am currently not playing as I just woke up.

Yes, logically one would think that once I'm level 50 I'll just be here again. At that point, though, I would hope that my folks will be good enough to farm level 50 items like that stuff on their own so I would not have to trouble anyone.

I appreciate the polite answers I'm getting. I realize this is a bit of a bother.
Best in the World - 7/17/11

User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#9
Translation: "LF the following..."
Though in a more polite way. lol, Kudos for that at least.
XBL GT/PSN: Tsuruke.

User Info: SerlapBack

4 years ago#10
Haha, yeah. I won't deny that at all.
Best in the World - 7/17/11
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