What is your favorite shotgun manufacturer per ammo consumption/# of barrels

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User Info: BigRobb2389

4 years ago#1
Was just thinking about it. Shotguns are some of my favorite weapons in the game, and I have never thought about how each manufacturer performs with different ammo consumption.

Single- For single barrel shotguns, I think its pretty difficult to beat hyperion. Jakobs are pretty good if youre going for criticals.

Double- I don't think any particular brand really excels or suffers in this category. They all function well enough and are pretty well balanced. whatever your favorite brand, you will probably like their double barrel shotguns.

Triple- Definitely Bandit. Even with consuming 3 ammo if you get a big enough magazine size, you can still get 6+ shots out of a magazine. My favorite shotguns in the game.

Quad- Torgue. No doubt. Ravagers are on another level. Jakobs are awesome as well. I like the quads with even one shot in them because its the only jakobs that you can use by just holding down the trigger, like an automatic, any one shot jakobs shotgun will work. i think coach guns usually work.

That's how i feel so far. I really haven't used tediore shotguns enough. Though I love the deliverance, I find that other brands just feel better on a whole.

Now that I am thinking about it more, my opinion on it very well may change. Just gonna keep an eye out for different types of shotguns even more now.

User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#2
Regardless of barrel number, I generally prefer to use Torgue or Jakobs. I will admit though, with double and tri-barrels, Bandit is great. So yea, I guess its Bandit (2-3 only), then Torgue and Jakobs (1-4, idc I love em').
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User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#3
I usually like to match the barrel to the manufacturer.

User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#4
1: Hyperion
2: Jakobs (it fits)
3: ...no idea.
4: Torgue.
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User Info: R of The Nest

R of The Nest
4 years ago#5
1 - Hyperion
2 - Jakobs, but I love the Bandit Roksalt
3 - Bandit Thre Dog
4 - Torgue Ravager
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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#6
id say that hyperion are the most efficient IMO, but i usually go for precision too. they are generally the best for getting every round on target at decent range. a nice x7 hyperion with an element is a solid weapon. the CC, though not the godly powerhouse it once was, is still a great shotgun thats super efficient compared to many others. potentially 21 pellets for 1 ammo is great.

cant go wrong with a good torgue ravager either, though they are at the other end of the spectrum. 4 rounds, but theres a good chance that whatever you are shooting at doesnt need another shot.

ive actually been using a jacobs striker recently on my cunning b0re zer0 and im really enjoying it. with 2 fang, it often puts 2 rounds quickly into an enemy, has nice power vs. ammo consumption, and is pretty accurate. great deception gun, and with the killer skill, it reloads super fast. the 2 shot capacity also means you get the OSOK bonus frequently.

great gun that people dont really talk about much. one of my new favorites. glad i went after it during the shotgun event
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User Info: Mayhemers

4 years ago#7
^ this. Generally I've tried to use a Jakobs, one of the Striker types, with accuracy 75%+, insane (16+) firing speed, and decent reload speed (made better with Zer0's skill). Works wonders against crystalisks especially.
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User Info: innersmoke

4 years ago#8
1- Hyperion AA12 style
2- bandit roksalt
3- bandit - thre dog
4- torgue, I wanted to say tediore... Just because of the name... Shotgun supreme!
GT- Innersmoke
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