Need Conference call lvl 50

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User Info: jphahn2011

4 years ago#1
I'm looking for dupe for conference call. Preferably no element but anything works. I can dupe legendary soldier mod, terra mod, nuke rocket launcher, bee shield, and couple other orange guns. Everything is level 50. xbox gamertag hahnj11. Thanks in advance

User Info: devildogs

4 years ago#2
I can dupe one for you, however, I will not be on-line until 8 pm EST.
I will not be denied my rightful place in the nightmares of men.
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User Info: sonofkorol

4 years ago#3
Need Conference call lvl 50
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User Info: Knight_Rider_3K

4 years ago#4
Kids today. No manners at all.
You may beat me at a game, but with my smoking hot wife, I win at life.

User Info: 777GUY777

4 years ago#5
I got a few. Gt: III GUY III online for the next 30 mins (appearing offline)
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