LF some stuff for my shock mecro

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User Info: Averinix

4 years ago#1
I am in need of some shock items for my mecro.

Need a Black Hole Shield

a 30% shock or elemental damage relic

and i need a better mod looking for a Cata mod with 40 elemental damage +5 Evil Enchantress and would like to see wires dont talk or interspeed outburst as the other skills also i guess shock storm wouldnt be bad.

If you could help with any of these please let me know I may have some items you may want.

Imma go bath my dog check back in an hour to look for responses.

GT is : Oh Fishstickz

User Info: Averinix

4 years ago#2

User Info: drj898

4 years ago#3
I'm just starting my level 50 shock mechro...so I'm sure there are better ways to do it, especially with character building so you have all the shock bonus stuff on the middle tree, but still being able to reach the capstone on the left with the shield sharing to Deathtrap. I love that capstone.

Anyway, I'm just using a shock infinity, a shock slowhand, a shock conference call, and a sticky? homing? (or both) electric leach, switching off and on to a longbow storm front.

As far as shields, there's really none better than the Evolution right now. But the one I use has 85% elem. resistance. That one's pretty hard to find apparently but...as far as a good defensive shield, can't beat the Evo.

I have a ton to dupe for you if you want
GT, and PSN: DrJ898

User Info: Redrum0351

4 years ago#4
I have shock relic 30%, a good catalyst mod , a black hole and grounded black hole shield( shock immunity), a bunch more shock shields like transformer and WTF and a bunch of awesome shock weapons on my LBT/anarchy Gaige that I could share/dupe for both of you when I get back from the store (grocery shoppin with wife) wouldnt mind that awesome evo shield and if anyone has a good trespasser sniper if not I will help you both out anyway.
GT: REdrUM0351
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