what legendaries have the best drop rates

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User Info: Thateqicguy

4 years ago#1
just trying to get some legendaries without putting so much time and effort or duping

User Info: olan231

4 years ago#2
Slayer of Terramorphous has the best drop rate I've seen... xD

But honestly, I haven't seen any "good" drop rates. Try Pete, he drops a variety of legendaries at a decent drop rate.
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User Info: stickboy2323

4 years ago#3
Just farm Pete. He can drop almost anything and has a really good drop rate.
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User Info: CORNBRE4D

4 years ago#4
Farm the leader of gang wars,

it isn't as much about drop rate as it is about the amount of kills you can get in a short amount of time.

Walk out of lynchwood to the dust, then kill. Save and quit and boom you are right back there ready to fight them. I farmed 3 slagga's in under 30 mins before.

You can farm the first boss that bullymong very easily too, just backwards into the first map from the place where you first meet Hammerlock.

Hellfire from scorch seems rather easy as well.

Kerblaster from the midget riding a bullymong, farming boom bewm seems easy enough too.

In fact in the dust you can farm those two guys who fought over mordecai's treasure as well.

I have gotten some of my first intentionally farmed legendaries from these guys.
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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#5
Black Hole shield from Rusty the Foreman in Opportunity. He dropped 3 of them for me in around 10 minutes.

The Bee shield from Hunter Helquist. He dropped 1 for me after about 15 kills.

The Hornet pistol from Knuckledragger. He dropped 1 for me after 6 kills.

Badaboom from King Mong. I probably got lucky, but he dropped a level 50 version the first time I killed him in TVHM.

The Treasure Room glitch is also pretty good for getting legendaries, if that's your thing. I've done it about 50 times and gotten two legendary mechromancer class mods, a Gub pistol, and an Unkempt Harold. Lots of good e-techs too.
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User Info: KaBoom1322

4 years ago#6
Slagga/maggie.I have had 2 slaggas drop back to back.Kerblaster took me 10 hours to farm.Got a slippery though.
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User Info: LifeIsABigGame

4 years ago#7
If u have the second dlc u should farm pete cuz he has dropped soooooo many great legendary items for me. So far my favorites r infinities, snyper badaboom, skullmasher, black hole, mad house, class mods (except 4 gaige), and homing bouncing bonny. Hopefully u have some great luck like I have had with the drops. There have been about 4 or 5 times that he dropped 2 legendary items at the same time. Happy farming
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User Info: DieRomantiic

4 years ago#8
Pete was generous enough to drop both a eviscerated thunderball fist (which i wanted) and a legendary hunter mod.

My first farming runs were through the dust (lots of rare drop opportunities) where i got a lyuda and then i farmed a bee (2 days-ish) then everything got easier from there.
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User Info: chuckleswood

4 years ago#9
Thateqicguy posted...
just trying to get some legendaries without putting so much time and effort or duping

Every time you kill Terra his legendary mod will drop. Besides that from my experience, and the general consensus I've gotten at least is that the bee drops frequently too. I also had a pretty easy time getting a Baby Maker and a Maggie, but I was just probably lucky with those.
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