Will you continue to play if duping gets fixed?

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  3. Will you continue to play if duping gets fixed?

User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#31
mike468 posted...
Steve0314 posted...
How do you think they will fix it... it isnt like you can stop someone from dropping a weapon and dashboarding... Not saying its not possible to stop duping just curious on how they intend to do it.

I don't think it would be too hard. Just program the game to auto save after you drop any item. Players would end up dash boarding while the game is saving and end up corrupting their save files. Is it impractical? Yes, will the developers do this, probably not. It is possible if they wanted to go this route to fix duping.

Wouldn't work. Backup saves, mate. Just delete current save, load backup with all the gear on it.

Also, the downsides would far outweigh the 'upside', as you probably know.
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User Info: kiwimyweewee

4 years ago#32
Eliminate being able to drop weapons, no trading period.

Instead of lf threads it would be:

How u uze gibbed?
They're not going to say no because of the implication.

User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#33
H_Panic22 posted...
Pensato posted...
your other dad sayz posted...
I wonder if the anti-duping people use the bank vault glitch...

Of course they do, because that glitch in the literal sense affects no one on or offline

Fixed it for ya.

Oh, you thought they made this game for you? You clearly bought the wrong game.
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  3. Will you continue to play if duping gets fixed?

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