LF: Whiteout Skin Assassin Skin and Gunzerker Head

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User Info: Jagoros

4 years ago#1
I'm looking for the Whiteout skin for the Assassin and the Not-So-Jolly Roger head for the Gunzerker

I've been farming in caustic caverns and sawtooth for the whiteout skin for weeks now with no luck. My friend has been farming far longer than I have with the same result. I'd like to surprise him with the skin so he can finally move on to something else.

As for the Not-So-Jolly Roger head, I'm just being lazy and been too busy farming things to do a playthrough on my Gunzerker. So if anyone has that, that'd be great as well.

I have a few common legendaries that I'd be happy to offer in return for either the skin or the head. All are level 50 unless otherwise stated (Unless I missed one of course)

Level 30 Conference Call (corrosion)
Level 21 Extendified Gub (also corrosion)
Quik Drawler Badaboom rocket launcher
Trick Shot Maggie (level 20-30, I forget the exact #)
Doc's Striker
Deep Verue
Sledges Shotgun
Severe Shredifier
Gentlemans Volcano (120 crit)
Razrez White Death (145% crit)
Slippery KerBlaster
level 50 Conference Calls (regular, shock, corrosion, fire)
Level 30 Legendary Assassin Mod
TumTum Skullsmasher (180% crit)
Purging Infinity
Boss Hammer Buster
Analytical B***
Incendiary Greed
Texas Twister
Sapping Rapier (200% Melee dmg and shock)


Bullet Buccaneer head (Mechromancer )
Marshall Mustache (Gunzerker)
Alienati0n (Assassin)
Metal Fear (Siren)
D4rk Expl0rer (Assassin)
Trigger Pull (Siren)
Clever Boy (Commando)
d00med (Assassin)

Please either respond here or send me a message on xbox. I'm playing right now. GT: Jagoros

Madness takes it's toll. Please have exact change ready.
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