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User Info: Kamden_T

4 years ago#1
Okay so back when the game first came out and badass ranks were getting ridiculously high because of glitches and such.....did anyone whom had a really high BAR not get theirs reset with the patch? As of about an hour ago my BAR is still over 5 million but the weird thing is my wife's offline profile which was much lower did get reset.........I would actually like to play with it on for once but with a rank that high I am way OP.

User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#2
weird, it's almost as if using a glitch ruined your game
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User Info: Kamden_T

4 years ago#3
killbot357 posted...
weird, it's almost as if using a glitch ruined your game

Weird, it's almost as if using a slag weapon kept resetting a challenge and I kept earning BAR.

It's also weird that you come here to make a bad attempt at acting like you know what the F*** you are talking about.

User Info: BigSai29

4 years ago#4
I have never heard of any of us that was affected by the likes of Slag Licked/Gunslinger/etc. to have gotten a fix. Not sure you were saying if your wife's account got glitched but fixed but there has never been no acknowledgement in patch notes and such.

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