hit by badass glitch for 2nd time can anyone help? LF skins/heads for maya/axton

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  3. hit by badass glitch for 2nd time can anyone help? LF skins/heads for maya/axton

User Info: Mental_161

4 years ago#1
ok ive been hit by the badass glitch for the 2nd time and i dont have the willpower to farm for skins/heads for a 3rd time so anyone who is willing to dupe me all of maya and axtons skins/heads that aren't challange related can pick what they want and i will dupe it for them. any help here would be greatly appreciated.

All are level 50 unless stated
i also have a bunch of lv30 and under legendaries just ask

Seraph :

swift lead storm
sticky longbow meteor shower (1.7 fuse)
coporate actualizer (slag)
hoplite (146k cap, 13k rate, 2.57 delay)

Legendary Guns :

norfleet (fire)
B**** (corrosive,shock)
Slagga (75.8 Acc,slag)
lv 49 Striker (huntin' , 4 clip)
Hornet (stability,corrosive)
Confrence call (slag,fire,corrosive,shock)
Hellfire (melee,fire)
ker-blaster (explosive)
Veruc (stability)
Maggie (stability)
Baby maker (melee,shock,corrosive)
White death (fire,corrosive,shock)
Shredifier (NE,shock)
Logan's gun (stability,fire)
Sledge's shotgun (melee,corrosive)
Pyrophobia (fire)
Lv39 baby maker (corrosive)
Lv41 Shredifier (90.8 acc)
Lv1 Hornet (stability,corrosive)
lv10 Hellfire (fire)
Lv18 Slagga (slag)
Lv 30 flakker (explosive)
LV30 conference call (slag)
Lv30 Volcano (fire)



E-tech Guns :

Lv 25 hyperion plasma caster (corrosive)
Bandit assault rifle (shock,stability)
maliwan plasma caster (corrosive,stability)
hyperion plasma caster (corrosive)
maliwan plasma caster (shock)
tediore plasma caster (shock)
bandit assault rifle (corrosive,melee)
bandit assault rifle (slag,stability)
vladof assault rifle (fire)

Legendary Grenade mods :

Lobbed Quasar (shock, 1.8 fuse)
Lobbed Storm front (shock, 0.0 fuse)
Lobbed Pandemic (corrosive, 0.0 fuse)
Lobbed Fire Bee 9fire, 1.2 fuse)
Fastball (explosive, 0.0 fuse)
Rolling Thunder (explosive, 0.6 fuse)
LV38 Rubberized Quasar (shock, 0.1 fuse)
LV40 Rolling thunder (explosive, 0.6 fuse)
Lv39 Lobbed Storm front (shock, 1.2 fuse)
Lv35 Sticky longbow bonus package (explosive, 1.7 fuse)
Lv4 lobbed bonus package (explosive, 0.6 fuse)

Legendary Shields :

sham (94% absorb)
bee (inflamable,alkaline)
Neogenator ( 1.72 delay)
Black hole ( 5.04 delay)
Hide of Teramorphous (blast proof)
The transformer (3.78 delay, 27% absorb)
lv29 The bee ( 5.88 delay)

Purple Shields :

Tediore quick shield ( 1.09 delay, 15k cap, 25k rate)
Lv41 Deadly bloom ( 2.65 delay)
Lv18 Deadly Bloom ( 2.82 delay)

Legndary Mods :

Legendary mod (soldier,gunzerker,assassin,siren)
Lv30 legendary mod (soldier,gunzerker,siren)
Slayer of Terramorphous mod (all classes)

purple siren mods :

trickster - fire rate 26% - 5 life tap 4 kinetic reflection 4 chain reaction
cat - smg dam 94%/acc -28% - 5 wreck 4 minds eye 3 accelerate
nurse - team health regen +191.6 - 5 restoration 4 elated 4 sweet release
binder - team cooldown +20% - 5 suspension 4 reaper 4 helios

Relics :

Blood of terramorphous
Health +50%
Shield cap +30%/rate +30%
maliwan damage +30%/reload speed +40%
Vladof Damage +26%/recoil -47.6%
Hyperion Damage +24%/reload speed +25%
Cooldown +35%
Vladof recoil -49.2%/acc. recorvery +85%
Tediore damage +25%/mag size +55%
Jakobs recoil -45.9%/mag size +55%

User Info: Mental_161

4 years ago#2
forgot i also have thunderball fists and emperor (shock) both lv50 also my GT is Mental161

User Info: Mental_161

4 years ago#3
closed - a very kind person messaged me on xbl in response to this post and sorted me out with the skins/heads. so a massive thank you to that person you know who you are!!
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  3. hit by badass glitch for 2nd time can anyone help? LF skins/heads for maya/axton

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