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User Info: eplea

4 years ago#1
While farming the good Dr., I came up with an idea. What if you had a luck skill that determined drop rates that you could increase with B.A. ranks?

User Info: z0mbin3_81

4 years ago#2
But that's a good idea so it wont happen. Gearbox hates those.
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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#3
Yes. It could work as an increment increase.

For example, say Bunker has a 0.025 chance to drop a B**** or a Sham. With 1 rank, this would increase to 0.05, with two ranks it would increase to 0.075, and so on.

But it should be capped. Say Knuckledragger has a 15% chance to drop the Hornet. It shouldn't increase to 30% with one rank increase. Maybe to 16% instead.

So cap it at either 1 increment step increase, or 1%, whichever is lower.
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