badass ranks... critical?

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User Info: roitact

4 years ago#1
i'm currently working on maxing out my badass ranks for crit hits, i'm on my first playthough and am currently lvl25 and just got claptraps upgrade.....also havent purchased any of the dlc yet

anyway i've just purchased some low level weapons and am planning on using them to kill crystalsks, aiming for their legs thereby giving me plenty of critical hits without causing too much damage given how the ranks go by criticals landed not damage caused is this the best way to do it or are there better ways to go about it? input or alternatives welcome
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User Info: Rokoshu

4 years ago#2
Use a spini Torgue assault rifle and aim for the crystalisks body, you will do crit damage but not much of it and it will be easier on you
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User Info: Aceofblades2k2

4 years ago#3
2 words: unkempt Harold
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