4th Season Pass DLC will Not include level cap increase or playable character

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4 years ago#41
Panopictonguy posted...
grunjmufn posted...
Yes, I'm so clearly whining and crying in that post. My cheerios are overflowing with tears.

It's weird to me to think that something I'll sink 100-120 hours into is something I will have played only casually. I guess compared to the folks that spend several hundred hours that's true, but it doesn't sound right in my head.

It doesn't sound right to you because you think 100-120 is a lot.

Imagine how many hours someone who still plays Super Mario Bros. have probably put into that game since it's initial launch. That game hasn't got a single bit of DLC. (Even though there are the multiple versions being released with better graphics for full retail price.)

I don't understand why in this generation we feel the developers owe us more stuff after we purchased the game. It's up to us to enjoy our purchase to the fullest and get our own replay value out of a game.

These game developers are not our employees. They are not working to give us an infinite stream of content updates for the one game we like with minimal or no cost.

i usually think panocrazyashell is full of it--but he is right on this one. once the game is made and sold anything after that is just icing on the cake- or money in someones pocket,

i just wish gearbox would have made the dlc content so that it might have been more story oriented and entwined with the characters from the game. im glad for the extra stuff, but if they dont make more, or a level cap, it doesnt really matter. there are more games to be played.

User Info: Shake_Like_E

4 years ago#42
They promised more levels in the cheivos. I have 5 characters at 50, beaten the main story 10 times. Game has pretty much lost interest for me because there is no point in doing quests most of the time as the XP is wasted, I cant believe they are putting balance over fun. Balance does not equal fun. Borderlands is not an MMO. Overall Borderlands 2 has not held me like the first game did as I could always find a cool weapon or something better than what I had. Not with BL2. I played several characters through level about 10 through about 35 with the same equipment because nothing better came up in BL2, and the few times I got legendaries they carried me into the low 40's. I dont see the point in playing the game until I can gain levels because there is just nothing fun to do anymore, I dont find grinding bosses fun in this, Craw was entertaining at least for me, and once you had a Bessie with the right stats you could 1 shot him but so far Pete is the only decent raid boss I have fought(I as yet have not completed Hammerlock, just got bored with the game).

TL:DR Game is boring once you max out 5 characters, stops being fun once you stop getting stronger. Also cheap rocket enemies.
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User Info: aPimp_named_leE

4 years ago#43
SuprSaiyanRockr posted...
xHuckleberry posted...
SuprSaiyanRockr posted...
xHuckleberry posted...
Mario didnt have DLC because it couldnt. For the longest time...If you wanted new/more Mario, you got to wait for Mario 2.

That brings me to my next point, its a new generation. You can stop comparing the new and the old now. Its just how it is. With all things new and old.

So when they tell people to expect DLC, people expect it. Its not hard to grasp why someone might make a thread in the related game forum about them expecting something they heard about, even if they took it wrong or was told wrong.

Perhaps not dlc, but mario had an expansion pack in the form of Galaxy 2.

I was thinking more along the lines of older Mario games. You are talking about Super Mario Galaxy 2? Wii?

Tbh, I didn't bother with that one, but I've not heard anything contrary to the thought that it's basically an expansion pack.

I've grown a bit tired of Nintendo as of late.

i would say mario 2 (or as its called in the states "The Lost Levels") is pretty much the 1980's version of dlc or an expansion. its just like the first game, but actually a challenge. it reminds me of the "impossible mario" hacks people make today.
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