One thing I would love to see in a game like this...

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User Info: MGunzC

4 years ago#21
When I went to the Torgue vending machine using Torgue tokens to buy a Torgue Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold, the very few times it showed up, it didn't have a Torgue grip on it.

I think I farmed that machine over 50 times to get one with a Torgue grip, as the stats are better (i.e., 2.3 Reload time). I would have liked to buy the first one I saw, go to Marcus' store to buy a Torgue pistol grip, modify the gun, and save myself 3 hours of farming in the process.

I don't care how, loot drops, vending machines, breaking down owned guns, a weapon parts store, special character skills, etc., etc. It would be nice to modify the weapons, especially the scopes.

User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#22
I like that idea. Parts like capacitors scopes ect could be dropped, bought or rewarded. It would be cool for this system to allow the player to alter weapons their own way. Like adding a capacitor to a Jakobs, or giving individual guns parts or accessories not normally found on a manufactured one, (Such as giving an Elephant the accessory allowing the Skookum prefix for example).Maybe aftermarket could be a manufacturer, only applying to weapons altered in this way. They could have rarity for parts, and maybe even legendary parts or E-Tech Fins to make stuff crazy. Its an amazing but ambitious idea, which is the very reason it will likely not appear in a future title.
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User Info: DevilazerV1

4 years ago#23
This had come up before, but I still feel that it would defeat the purpose of the random generator and the grinding it takes to get the gun you desire.
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User Info: MGunzC

4 years ago#24
This is the only game I recall having spent countless hours grinding/farming to get the best versions of guns, many of which I never use.

Defeating the 'purpose' of grinding implies that the devs want you to waste a lot of time outside of the storyline grinding. Kinda brutal.

Think of how it would affect this board. Most all of the LF topics and discussions about modded guns would disappear and be replaced by how to create different guns topics.

User Info: KaBoom1322

4 years ago#25
Tbqh i'd rather have LF topics than ruin the random loot system of this game.
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User Info: MGunzC

4 years ago#26
How can you ruin a random loot system in which 99% of what you find is total crap?

User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#27
MGunzC posted...
How can you ruin a random loot system in which 99% of what you find is total crap?

99% total crap? come on now. you are sounding like the sort who refuses to give anything under orange the time of day

there is a difference between a gun being crap (which implies that it is totally unusable) and it not being the best gun in the game.

you sound like you want all of the best stuff but are annoyed that there is effort involved in attaining these items.

if that's the case, you might as well just have it duped for you.

being able to easily construct perfect loot in a game designed around a huge variety of random loot destroys the premise of the game. why would anyone bother with random loot if they can just go ahead and construct perfect gear.

you could always get the PC version and a gear constructor and make everything you want that way.

but you are talking about taking the looting out of a loot based game. i just wont work without changing a core concept of the game
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User Info: MGunzC

4 years ago#28
No. I am not annoyed there is effort involved. I use a good number of Blue and Purple guns at any given time. As there should be rarity in parts, it shouldn't be 'easy' to construct the perfect gun.

As for 99% crap, tell me you use more than 1% of all the guns you found in chests, vending machines, lockers, skag piles, boss drops, etc.

Beat the bunker, go to Marcus' secret stash, what do you find in the chests? Crap. Should've been a unique gun part.

Finally get to open that red chest in the CR HQ, what do you get? Crap. Should've been...

Go around town so everyone can give you something to help you fight the Warrior, what do they give you? Crap. Should've....

Finally, how can random gun parts take the loot out of a looting system? As I see it, it just adds more loot/variety to work with.

User Info: KaBoom1322

4 years ago#29
Random parts would ruin this game IMO.Btw loot isn't crap.
You are not entitled to anything in this game.

User Info: Pvt-Spoon

4 years ago#30
Maybe if they just dropped me a pair of bolt cutters so I could take that damn box scope of my hornet and infinity ; )
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