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User Info: dtexter228

4 years ago#1

I am looking to make some friends to play with. It would be great if they could help me get my level higher and show me some cool weapons. I like to explore the maps and wouldn't mind doing some farming too.

My game style is more sniping, with cautious advance, rather than running through every where with lots of Melee fighting. I am currently at level 29 and usually play 8am to noon or midnight to 2 or 3 am eastern time since i work 2pm to 11pm. I do not have a mic to chat with at this time. My game tag is Dave T 228


User Info: UdderFlopz

4 years ago#2
Feel free to join my game at anytime if youre on 360. My gamer tag is udderflopz. Get yourself a mic asap, it males the game lost more fun.
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