What is a good Black Hole?

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User Info: The_Hungry_One

4 years ago#1
I was curious about the shield so I farmed for it. It only took a few tries before it dropped. However, the capacity is about mid 40s and the damage is 99~. What is a good version?
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User Info: fakesnoop77

4 years ago#2
I think mine has something like 41000 capacity and 103000 Nova damage.

I might be slightly out on those stats.
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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#3
Mine is 40k+ capacity, and I think 100k+ damage. Not sure though, I haven't really used it since I got a Transformer.
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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#4
i have one that is around 50k shield capacity with 95k nova. i really like it.

i have another with 30k ish capacity and 88k vova (its a 49)
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User Info: kiwimyweewee

4 years ago#5

Play around with this a bit.
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User Info: R0880

4 years ago#6

User Info: MRDINO98

4 years ago#7
Mine is 29k capacity and 143k nova damage. It's a killer for sure.
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User Info: MonoxideHektik

4 years ago#8
Nobody said "your mom's? "

This board might be maturing. Aww
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User Info: KaBoom1322

4 years ago#9
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