Lf sham 94% and bee

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User Info: I_say_moo_21

4 years ago#1
If you have either or both please dupe for me... I have alot of legendarys i can dupe as well. Gt:unshodsum4824

User Info: Psycho_Pansy

4 years ago#2
I have a 93% sham and fire, elec, and acid immune bees.
I need the following:
Deliverence - shotgun - tediore
The cradle - shield - tediore
Invader - sniper - hyperion
Logan's gun - pistol - hyperion
Bouncing Bonny - grenade - dahl
Stormfront - grenade - vladof
If u dont have any i will still give you what u need, will be on in 4 hours tho, currently at work.
GamerTag: TerdMuncherX

User Info: partytrev

4 years ago#3
Still need help?
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