What's so important about Vault Hunters?

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User Info: ZechsPeacecraft

4 years ago#1
Hey guys I got this game on GameFly a few weeks and am having a blast, I'm already at level 30!

My question is, why are vault hunters so reveered? What qualifies someone as a vault hunter? The way people around the world respond to you it's almost like you're a jedi.

I just don't understand what makes a vault hunter so special. I mean isn't anyone who is looking for a vault a "Vault Hunter"?
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User Info: olan231

4 years ago#2
I'd assume a Vault Hunter is just a title to a treasure hunter. However, in the search for the Vault the hunters take on a task more important: They learn of a power far beyond anyone's control about to be put into the hands of someone who wants to bend the world into his favor, and these Hunters are out to stop this madman.

That's my interpretation of this story.
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User Info: Steve0314

4 years ago#3
I wondered this too... Vault Hunters in the first game were laughed at and ridiculed for believing in the vault... But when a Vault was actually found the 4 from the first game were suddenly praised... Vault Hunters are known for facing dangers that normal people dont and living to tell the tale... I think it has less to do with you being a Vault hunter and more to being a LIVING Vault Hunter. You never here about dead vault hunters do you. They're like adventurers. They have stories to tell. Almost like you would give praise to someone exploring new lands... Your character is also the only person to survive Jack's initial attack. This adds to your infamy...
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User Info: ShinterL

4 years ago#4
In Borderlands 1, Vault Hunter's are as you describe, and just sort of ubiquitous people in search of the treasure of the vault. In this one, you are special because you are the (or one of the) vault hunters who survived being killed by Jack when you arrived on the planet, and that's why you are referred to with reverence.

In reality, I think it's just that that was the easy thing to call you without the game having to care which character you are playing. That and your average bandit doesn't have a skill tree.

User Info: ZechsPeacecraft

4 years ago#5
ok, that makes a lot more sense, especially surviving Jack while claiming yourself as a vault hunter. The name has transcended the literal meaning.

Thanks guys
"It's the stronger that make the weaker"- Milliardo Peacecraft

User Info: Elprede007

4 years ago#6
Lol just figured out how to make the spoiler effect.

That just about sums up borderlands as a whole.
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User Info: gunsndroses

4 years ago#7
I wouldn't think too hard about it. BL isn't a game wherein the lore takes itself too seriously.
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User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#8
I think in part its that you are openly a vault hunter, even when that is essentially a death sentence and you blatantly defy and combat Jack, who most people would be instantly killed by. You slowly make progress, fighting this supposed god and continue to survive. Youre a BAMF, and rise as a Hero of the people. Carrying the title of Vault Hunter wont be easy from 2 onward, so they get some reverence.
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User Info: inebriantia

4 years ago#9
Personally, I think it's just so they can avoid calling you a specific name when there's multiple players. The idol tones people speak and treat you in would still be there whether they called you by your real name or vault hunter.

If they had all the NPCs use the name of the character your playing, not mention the people dropping in and out, sometimes all playing the same character, using names would sound awful, and would require a lot of work to organize and code properly. So you're just simply "Vault Hunter"
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User Info: ShinterL

4 years ago#10
The better questions to ponder:

They constantly talk about how you "faced" Jack and lived, but in the opening video, Jack never makes an appearance, he just blows up your train. So when did you "face" him? I don't think the launch videos are canon.

In the opening video, they show all the players using their powers to survive the fight with loaders on the train. So why can't you use your powers until you hit level 5?
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