Class mods then and now.

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User Info: WretchedOwl

4 years ago#1
So, I'm making a new Zer0, and working on putting together a complete sniper set before I get him to 50 (only missing the class mod at the moment), and I'm pretty amped for the kind of damage I'll be able to do once I put this all together, but there's been one thing thats irking me that they didn't do in this game.

They didn't put ammo regen on the gun type specific class mods. WHY.

In BL1, I ran a 660 Gunslinger class mod for the hunter with a set of 4 revolvers and never had more fun running around switching from element to element and just demolishing everything.

Now, I've noticed they still do have gun type specific class mods in this game such as the Jill of all trades that focus on, in this case, only assault rifles.

How are you supposed to make complete use of that class mod without running out of ammo really quickly? I mean you can't run an assault rifle class mod and then use another type of gun, that would just be a waste. and thats what I'm mainly worried about with my sniper set for Zer0, I mean sure, you could use a stockpile relic that gave you a ton of extra ammo, but how can I use one of those when I have a 30% sniper damage relic just sitting in my vault?

Has anyone found a way to effectively use these class mods?
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User Info: MonoxideHektik

4 years ago#2
Stop running so much
Pick up ammo
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User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#3
MonoxideHektik posted...
Stop running so much
Pick up ammo
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