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User Info: b_rab_2204

4 years ago#1
A buddy and i have started farming Hyperious yesterday and are having alot of trouble. I am looking for advice on what equipment we should be using and techniques we should implement. I dont really have a problem glitching him if there is one such as the elevater glitch with Pyro Pete but a legit means would be preferred.

The biggest issue is there seems to be two big nova blasts at the beginning of the fight, one takes our shields down followed shortly by the one that finishes us off. We have tried the fight around 10 times and have not been able to avoid the initial blast once.

Thanks is advance.
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User Info: Sqweamish

4 years ago#2
I soloed Hyperious as a Gunzerker and obviously I used the Brawn tree and Gunzerking to keep my health up mainly. I also used Moxxi weapons though, specifically corrosive Practicable Slow Hands. Those are great at keeping health up, especially when coupled with The Bee shield.

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

4 years ago#3
break his line of sight by hinding behind his bots or each other. you can hide behind Axtons turret as well.
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User Info: cheetttoo89

4 years ago#4
i may have found a pain o' butt way to do it but it works for me....i use the evil smasher glitch on a infinity pistol and get the clip to 120 then i put a norfleet in the slot after that after i get the upgrade....then i hold y and swith to the norfleet...all 27 shots should be in the gun and at the "/" part of the ammo clip....then walk into hyperious and take him out...i think it does 1.7m a shot gotta get pretty close...the only blasts that occurs for me is the one that takes out the shield....beside reloading and re doing the glitch . i can kill hyerius 8 times in 5 mins roughly...solo ofcourse

User Info: boneywings

4 years ago#5
I don't think you need anything besides evil smasher on infinity (I only get my clip up to about 111 and have tried it on every different type such as corrosive and electricity and normal) the standard is the best. just run up on him blast him for a few seconds and run back into the area with the ammo vending machine to reset him. repeat until you start to lag.

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