Found a gun just called "Iron".

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User Info: shnangyboos

4 years ago#1
I didn't know a gun could not have a prefix.
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User Info: calistud4ev

4 years ago#2
Yeah it's the Jakob's pistol right? I think I've seen that base variant as well. The two fer version isn't too bad.
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User Info: Traziel

4 years ago#3
I've found a "pistal" before. Not sure on the speling.
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User Info: Falloutgenuis

4 years ago#4
I've found a "sniper rifle"

User Info: DesertZero

4 years ago#5
There are a few ways to get a weapon without a prefix. One of them is having a Maliwan grip on a Jakobs pistol that does not have an accessory.

User Info: fredbeatswilma

4 years ago#6
A lot of guns can not have a prefix.
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User Info: WretchedOwl

4 years ago#7
Nothing beats the Torgue pistol I found called 'Rod'

Would anyone like to shoot my rod? or just hold it?
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User Info: roitact

4 years ago#8
is your rod pump action?
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User Info: IamBeeflog

4 years ago#9
Is your rod single shot or burst fire? ;D
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User Info: Falloutgenuis

4 years ago#10
Do you have a double penetrating rod?
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  3. Found a gun just called "Iron".

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