Any way to get a refund?

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User Info: inebriantia

4 years ago#11
KaBoom1322 posted...
"I don't like this game i've downloaded so i expect a full refund"

No, there's a difference between wanting a refund for disliking a game and another when you can't access major portions b/c of glitches on Gearboxes end.

My relative has the same issue he's having. We've contacted MS, Gearbox, and everything they've suggested still hasn't fixed his game. Cleared his cashe, deleted old packs, even formatted his HDD. Every time he tries to play online, it makes him download the pack over and over and over again, it's quite annoying to buy a co op based game, and not be able to play the co op.

If something deserved a refund, anyone who having that issue deserves one.
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