Favourite Shotgun?

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User Info: Jacquard

4 years ago#21
Critical Crowdsourcing, at the moment.

User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#22
I'm starting to like Bandit stret swepers, seems to strike a nice balance of damage output and ammo consumption.

User Info: calistud4ev

4 years ago#23
^ Hey Alle....Do you like "Thre Dog" or any variants of the dog? I forgot if that's a sweeper platform. I would imagine it is. If so it's a great bandit shotgun and fairly easy to get. Just run through the Southpaw steam and power a few times. I really enjoy farming that place for some odd reason. I think it's just the amount if drop possibilities. 4 uniques,5 skins,and 1 legendary. All in one small area. Didnt say they were good drops lol. Easy farm is all.
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User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#24
Yeah, Thre Dog is pretty decent.

User Info: inloveanddeath0

4 years ago#25

User Info: ApolloAnton

4 years ago#26

User Info: genesis42

4 years ago#27
Anything that procs my Money Shot the quickest with 10 or more in the mag.
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User Info: R0880

4 years ago#28

Apart from the obvious CC and Ravager choices, people's posts have been pretty diverse which is always good to see. I think the Interfacer is better both aesthetically and in usefulness than the CC, but it is still good. I really like the Ravager too, especially on my Axton, but it lags the game too much at close range :S

I think if it was favourite pistols or rocket launchers, the responses would have been narrower.
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User Info: MoeLester518

4 years ago#29
Nothing to me beats the ROF and number of shots used on the conference call. Yeah some shotguns hit harder, but overall I think its the best.
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User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#30
brianvolk42 posted...
Tried out most everything except the Blockhead. The CC is still my favorite. My shock is a beast and the fire one is great too. Deliverance is really fun though.

Blockhead is good, try it out fool.
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