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User Info: jloewenstein

4 years ago#11
An experiment? Sugests eridium... E-tech oriented, besides melee, maybe?

User Info: Social_Sin

4 years ago#12
N7Spectre707 posted...

Hopefully it's not just strictly a melee character. Definitely looks tankish though, and that's always a plus. Until we learn what it actually is and what the action skill is etc I will reserve judgement.

In a game where the overall main point is to collect guns.....I doubt it will strictly be a melee character. I know that's not what you meant, but using that specific wording is how it sounds.

If it's going to focus on melee damage it will be as focused as brick or Zero, if anything I see it being similar to a Zero tree, one fully based off of melee, maybe a blend between melee and guns and a 3rd possibly explosion damage or some form of Slag specific tree (since I saw someone mention the experiment has something to do with Eridium probably)

Right now it's just people taking guesses at a shadow and seeing it slam things to the ground, that's it.

Can't wait till the real complaining starts when others realize "what the character isn't in the 4th DLC, we have to pay separately for them?! BLASPHEMY" oh the boards will be a joy to visit then.
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User Info: Mister_Vanilla

4 years ago#13
This has my attention for sure.

Zero melee is NOT the same as Brick melee.

I would love to be able to go all fisticuffs on people.

Brick is my go to guy in BL1, and would LOVE to see something close to that again.

User Info: Guillermo55

4 years ago#14
So in a game all about collecting infinite guns, they make another ****ing character based around melee.


User Info: BansheeNTDmode

4 years ago#15
I hope its that archaeologist that summons velociraptors because we don't really need a melee charcter.

User Info: dankbud

4 years ago#16
My bet is the action skill turns him into the beast. Prob a jekyll and hyde char

And im also thinking his transformation time can be extended by using eridium. Just hit LB to use X eridium to add X seconds to his timer.

User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#17
I was interested when they said it was part of the next dlc in the season pass. Not so much after confirming it's not, can't see myself spending any more on BL2 dlc after what I got in the season pass.

User Info: Seiichi Omori

Seiichi Omori
4 years ago#18
Cyborg Kenshiro, come onnnnnnnn

User Info: punkrocktool

4 years ago#19
I've never understood the purpose of melee in a game whose advertising was centered around having 87 bazillion guns.

User Info: deadlyfred

4 years ago#20
I slowed the vid down in the important parts and nabbed a screenshot of the silhouette of the character apparently shooting a gun:

interesting. Looks like a Bandit to me. Can almost make out a mohawk at the end as well. Lots of tubes and what looks like a cannon in place of an arm?
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