Help with this here Siren?

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User Info: HappyGoNowhere

4 years ago#11
A number of mods give a health boost anyway and you've already got elated, res and sweet release to help allies out. I'd ditch restoration if I was you.

User Info: PTP2009

4 years ago#12
I personally like to put 1 point into Blight Phoenix, it causes charging enemies to stumble when they get close to you. The damage is crap but that little effect is great.

User Info: Pensato

4 years ago#13
Jkickit posted...
So you think I should go 3/5 Restoration and 5/5 Wreck? Or perhaps remove Restoration all together?

I personally wouldn't use Restoration at all, but I know you're going with a healing theme so maybe 3 Restoration and 5 Wreck might work for you. You're pretty much at the point where you just need play with the spec and adjust it as needed for your play style.
(message deleted)
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