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User Info: Dartaiasen

4 years ago#1
Been away from the game for awhile (since well before the bee shield nerf) just curious what the new most powerful weapons/shields are and if there are any new "broken" combos like bee/cc

User Info: WretchedOwl

4 years ago#2
Well, as far as the Bee nerf goes, you can get around it with guns that have multiple projectiles, but don't list them in the tag. Example, Unkempt Harold with 7 Projectiles each benefiting from the full amp damage. The Sandhawk and Lead Storm are also pretty useful this way.
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User Info: enabler118

4 years ago#3
First off. Welcome back. Since you've been away, anybody with a badass rank less than one billion is a casual, people who dupe are cheating entitled jerks who play the game wrong, and asking questions (or worse, starting a "LF: ???" topic) can get you trolled right quick. I hope you have hundreds of hours to farm weapons, or a thick skin otherwise.

That being said, here's a start:
•Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold: Pistol, explosive. Bullets split into 7 pieces, and each one does damage + amp damage if you have the Bee. Drops from Savage Lee, or can be purchased with Torgue tokens if you have Torgue DLC.

•Redundant Fibber: Hyperion Pistol, has a few different varieties
- slow moving burst of pellets, like a shotgun
- bouncy comet-like projectiles that do massive crit damage
- bullets that bounce off of a surface, and split into 9 separate projectiles that each do base+amp. You want this kind. Redundant means the gun fires 2 bullets instead of one.
You get this from the last mission in the "real boy" set in Eridium blight.

•Sandhawk: Dahl SMG
slow moving projectiles (7) that look like a bird flapping it's wings. Burst fire while looking down the sights. Each projectile does amp damage. I've heard the Flying Sandhawk is the best, but indubitably somebody will correct me. This is from the Captain Scarlett DLC.

There's probably others but I haven't heard of them yet.
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