looking for heads and skins will trade

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4 years ago#1
Cant find Razor head for zero and pretty in punk siren. have stuff to trade. I will eventually get pretty in punk but can never find henry. GT: TRIBAL ARTS

User Info: Vlad_Impaler7

4 years ago#2
I just got Raz0r a couple of days ago. Henry is really easy to find. He's just south of Highlands - Overlook. If you jump off the cliff near the wind catcher sock thingy you should practically land on him. It take like 5 seconds from the fast travel so he's really easy and quick to farm.

I started farming him two days ago and after about 50 attempts I got Raz0r for Zer0(my main). A few attempts later I got a lvl 16 The Cradle. I won't ever use it but it's cool for the collection. Then about 5 tries later I got Dapper Gent for Axton(my friends main).

But if you want to trade for Raz0r do you have M0t0cross Marauder?
"Bingo!!!" - Bayman, Dead Or Alive series
XBOX Live Gamertag: Vlad Impaler7
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