Anyone hoping the new character is..

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User Info: jedimika

4 years ago#21
VeritasAbIrato posted...
So if I have this right, there is still one dlc left for the season pass but the new char is not going to be that last one? Thats kind of lame.

When they announced the season pass, before Captain Scarlet even came out, they said it was for 4 campaign DLCs. It's Market place and in game descriptions say it's for 4 campaign DLCs. Yet every time something something not a ' campaign DLC' is announced I here people whine about how it's stupid that they need to pay more. You weren't lied to, your weren't misled, nobody is ripping you off except your 4th grade literature teacher who never taught your how to read.
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User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#22
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User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#23
LordChewbacca posted...
SinisterBlade posted...
Its not OP in the slightest. Also I meant he likely will not show up until season 2 is out, not that he is part of it. People on FAQS apparently dont actually read replies, they scan over them and reply based on that.

When Maya can heal 10% of health per second, not even counting skills like life tap and her constant hp healing. Zer0 can heal any number of ways and a slagged rubi makes him virtually immortal, Sal can pull a goliath type thing, Axton even has that crazy shield heal skill. I mean I feel like people calling that OP dont actually play the game. Not to mention being slagged by enemies is pretty rare. If you think that skill I mentioned is broken, Im at a loss for words, because it wouldn't be OP at all. Also last DLC character we got is the definition of OP.Go down BFF, wear a Love Thumper, and you can literally press the action skill button, walk away and when you get back everything is dead. You wanna talk OP we got much worse problems in the game right now than healing if you happen to be slagged by an enemy.

Equip slag norfleet = invincible character.

See nobody can read.

Also fun fact, 99% you look like your under status with a Norfleet (or any E-Tech) you actually arent, you take no damage, boosters dont drop, ect. Its a purely visual effect, a bug it would seem.
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User Info: JediWatchmen

4 years ago#24
i wish we got a girl who could digi-construct explosives with a robotic arm that could have elements applied to it and get a shotgun build.
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