How strong do enemies get on 4 players?

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User Info: Pierz

4 years ago#1
Me and my friends are doing a play through of BL2 for the first time and I'm Salvador of the group. We're quite far into the main story, at lv 29.

Right now the enemies we face at our levels can blast our shields away with a few bullets, and down us with a few more. Make no mistake, we do use cover and have some good shields and mods - but is this normal for a game of four players? I tried using the Brawn skill tree but Salvador still goes down as quick as everybody else. (Unless I'm gunzerking with the Rubi gun, which improves things somewhat)

I'm mostly not sure if we're simply not improving enough for this late into the game or if it was intentional to need players reviving teammates much more often.

User Info: res_black_death

4 years ago#2
Eh I haven't noticed much difference from solo to three players. Just a few more badasses spawning than normal.

User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#3
I hope you find this helpful TC:

Taken from the strategy guide.
XBL GT/PSN: Tsuruke.
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  3. How strong do enemies get on 4 players?

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