What type of character and build should I make next?

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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#11
MechOf17th posted...
Argyle_Gargoyle posted...
MechOf17th posted...
Argyle_Gargoyle posted...
i use a cunning b0re zer0 and its a ton of fun. i have all the good sniper skills, plus all the good cunning skills and death blossom.

lots of fun. if you are going zero, consider it

i also use a double up fire rate axton that is a lot of fun. an infinity pistol with over 30 fire rate? yep. fun

I love death blossom on my melee zero, tagging them then using execute is amazing.

Also, is "b0re" even useful? If i remember right, that's the skill were bullets pass through enemies.. I can't really think of many situations where that would be useful with a sniper.

Funny thing is, now that I have a couple "infinity" pistols, i can't use them. As you know, i'm more of a gaige player and because of "Smaller, Faster, Lighter" it makes the capacity go down to 0, so I can't fire rounds off. SO maybe i'll try a double rate of fire on my axton, thanks.

bore is very useful, as it is not for sniper rifles only. every shot from ANY gun will pass through targets and do bonus %100 damage per bore to the next enemy it hits. ie if it passes through 2 enemies, the 3rd on it hits will take %300 damage.

works amazingly well with singularity grenades. also it is pretty easy to line up enemies.

it also makes some boss fight insanely easy. namely bunker, hyperious, and badassaurus rex.

really great skill for 1 skill point

I didn't think about using singularity grenades with b0re. Now i'm almost certain that'll be my next character build. It sounds pretty neat that the more people it goes through the more damage it deals out.

this is the build i use.


you can take the points out of optics and precision if you want and put them in killer. i use both. depends if im planning to fight a lot of mobs or raid bosses.

also, OSOK and velocity can be switchedif you like. i use an infinity as one of my main weapons, so i get more out of OSOK

i use a disturbed stalker COM +6 rising shot for 11/5 or %110 extra damage. 1 pt in counterstrike just to get 6/5 from the COM. even without melee specs, it can be useful with a evis rubi (which im sure you have since youve played a melee build)

it also give +pistol fire rate, mag size and shield recharge rate.

a bit squishy, but it does insane damage. healing isnt an issue with death blossom and a rubi.
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  3. What type of character and build should I make next?

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