How high is your Badass Rank NOW? (Those that never got screwed)

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User Info: JimiMorrison187

4 years ago#1

Finished the game once with all characters. Took Sal, Gaige, and Axton through TVHM.

Thinking of going back and ranking up some of my earlier characters with stuff that is almost done for some cheap points.

BTW I think Gaige is the best character, although she stinks trying to solo raid bosses. Axton is next I suppose.

User Info: inloveanddeath0

4 years ago#2

User Info: Raptorkitty

4 years ago#3
Somewhere around 20k. About to clear TVHM for the first time though.
GT: KittyKitty13 Playing: Borderlands 2
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User Info: VeritasAbIrato

4 years ago#4
47 k after one reset...

User Info: deadlyfred

4 years ago#5
I'm at nearly 70K now. Almost exclusively with the Assassin. On my third prestige now.
XBL GT: Ki11er Six (ONES - not L's with a space between the word)
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User Info: Pryorbeast

4 years ago#6

I know, I know: I'm a little badass.
XBL: Pryor Beast
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#7
70k.... I'm about to take 6 of my 50's on a BA point slay fest. I haven't really paid any attention to them(ba pts) up to this point. There were too many other things that sparked my interest. But, I am interested to see how many BA points I can knock out quickly if I focus on them.
No son, never. The blood stays on the blade. One day you'll understand.
GT- JambiMan79

User Info: EX_Koakuma

4 years ago#8

Most of that is just from going throw both playthroughs as Gaige. Haven't got much from my other characters due to lagging horribly when playing with friends.

User Info: genesis42

4 years ago#9

Mind you, I've started a lot of characters that I never got around to finishing with my friends, so that's probably why it's so high.
GT: SevenDeadIySin

User Info: CoolBeansAvl

4 years ago#10
About 30,000, across 4 characters (3 of which are level 50) since December.

I don't really go out of my way to try to get it.
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  3. How high is your Badass Rank NOW? (Those that never got screwed)

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