Terra Runs

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User Info: HeROiiCs

4 years ago#1
Looking for some people to do legitimate Terramorphous runs. Please message my GT WreKin NooBz.

User Info: cookietheif

4 years ago#2
I would love to but I'm at work. Don't know when I'll be getting off though.
GT/PSN: Keijho Currently playing Borderlands 2, Dead Island, Skyrim, League of Legends and Dead Space 3

User Info: jreed1337

4 years ago#3
ill be on in a couple hours and will help ya out. i love killing that bastard.

ill send you a FR, invite me to your game when i do. =)

User Info: HeROiiCs

4 years ago#4
Sounds good. I would kinda like to put a full support team together. Like a nurse siren, fire rate commando, ammozerker, etc.

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