Gaige or Maya?

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User Info: HeROiiCs

4 years ago#1
Whose better at using elemental effects? Maya has the action skill for it and her Cataclysm tree helps a little bit, but Gaige has the catalyst class mod and her entire middle tree is about shock/elements. Deathtrap has no elemental worth even if you can shoot him to change the element. Who do you guys think uses elements better?

User Info: gunsndroses

4 years ago#2
Gaige for shock, maya for anything else
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User Info: MechOf17th

4 years ago#3
It depends what you want, really. Gaige's death trap has saved me when I got knocked down so many times and is a good class if you want to go solo. I see maya more of a coop player.

If you plan on putting points into blood soaked shields on gaige you pretty much have amp damage from the bee constantly.
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User Info: ShinterL

4 years ago#4
MechOf17th posted...
I see maya more of a coop player.

Maya is actually pretty amazing at solo play if you go for the Converge skill, which does an amazing job of crowd control.

And to answer the initial question, if you spec Maya all the way to Ruin, your phaselock does every type of elemental damage, and just devastates mobs. Gaige (who, to be fair, I haven't played yet) just has a tree about shock damage, which I personally am not a big fan of, even though I know some will argue it's the best elemental.

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User Info: Yankeehazard191

4 years ago#5
Gaige As much as i like Maya the mechromancer is just amazing.
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User Info: Pryorbeast

4 years ago#6
After some of the previous posts this week about Tina and Tannis and Moxxi.....thought this post was going in another direction lol
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User Info: DRCEQ

4 years ago#7
Elemental damage multipliers as per the official strategy guide:

Impact Flesh:
Normal: Fire - 1.5x, Shock - 1.0x, Corrosive - 0.9x, Explosive - 1.0x
True Vault Hunter Mode: Fire - 1.75x, Shock - 1.0x, Corrosive - 0.6x, Explosive - 1.0x

Impact Armor:
Normal: Fire - 0.75x, Shock - 1.0x, Corrosive - 1.5x, Explosive - 1.0x
TVHM: Fire - 0.4x, Shock - 1.0x, Corrosive - 1.75x, Explosive - 1.0x

Impact Shield:
Normal: Fire - 0.75x, Shock - 2.0x, Corrosive - 0.75x, Explosive - 0.8x
TVHM: Fire - 0.4x, Shock - 2.5x, Corrosive - 0.4x, Explosive - 0.8x

Both normal ammo and slag ammo does 1.0x damage across the board, regardless of being flesh, armor, or shield on either difficulty. Slagged enemies, however, take 2.0x damage on top of the base elemental damage, regardless of difficulty. I.E: Shock damage to shields on TVHM is 2.5x, but slagged shields is 5.0x.

With that in mind, you should keep in mind what type of enemies you fight. Bandits and wildlife are flesh for the most part, and found more at the start of the game. The endgame has a lot more loaders and bots, so you're better off with corrosive weapons.

Shock damage is pretty neutral against both, so it's a good middle-ground DOT that completely destroys shields.

Gaige specializes in shock damage, such as Shock stormclouds when you score a critical kill, more resistance to shock attacks, a shockwave every time you reload, increased shock damage in general, Deathtrap firing out a ball of energy which you can shoot to create a giant shock explosion, and the chance to set enemies on fire in addition to the shock damage. She also has a skill that increases all elemental damage types by 6% per rank (total of 30% at rank 5) for a short time after killing an enemy.

She can also imbue DeathTrap with an elemental damage by shooting him with such. DT is already exceptionally powerful when properly specced.
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User Info: SkullGnasher

4 years ago#8

User Info: Pryorbeast

4 years ago#9
Someone is lobbying for Gaige....
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User Info: JustinTheJagged

4 years ago#10
I never knew explosive did reduced damage to shields. Interesting.
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