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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#11
gunsndroses posted...

You're seriously trying to tell me that BL2's DLC was better than BL1's?

I never said the DLC in 2 was better than that of BL1. I don't believe BL1's DLC to be "miles ahead" of BL2's, though.
What are the memorable parts of Knoxx....
1. The armory glitch
2. Crawmerax
3. Pearlescents
4. The 'Ice Cream' bit on the echo recorder. The one where the lance soldier goes bonkers for ice cream..... this is seriously the best part of Knoxx DLC. Fact

anyway.... the armory glitch is in BL2, in the form of the treasure room. Craw was THE raid boss, and they've given us 5 in the first 3 so far in 2. Pearlescents....ah, loved em too, but we haven't even seen all 4 BL2 dlc's yet, so maybe we shouldn't just jump to conclusions quite yet on whats ahead....
And sadly, the one thing that the new DLC's have fallen way short on, is the lack of Crimson Lance "Ice Cream lovers" echos. I don't have an argument there.
Knoxx outside of these things was just what we have now, go kill this guy, and then go kill that guy.....but Knoxx had ZERO fast travel stations, that got annoying.

Dr. Ned's Island was no better than anything we have now.

Claptrap Revolution was my favorite to play through, actually. Loved killing all those claptraps. I thought it was the best DLC, if you took out the above mentioned things from Knoxx, that were all fluff added to actual gameplay.

In conclusion, I'd agree that BL1's were good, but so are BL2's. And I love Ice Cream
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User Info: Evil Squall

Evil Squall
4 years ago#12
Id argue the three DLC's in this game are all about on par with Ned from the first game (which is my second favorite after Claptrap). Like I said before I hated the artificial padding in Knoxx so much I basically refused to play it after beating it. Stupid highways and no fast travel. So unnecessary.
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