Best plasma caster

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User Info: xXBossfight69Xx

4 years ago#1
Wondering what the best plasma caster are. I haven't found any level 50 yet. But I have a level 31 quality plasma caster that's a tediore that's pretty beast. Just wondering what other people have found and what they think of them

User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#2
Depends on your preference. You could go hyperion for gradually increasing accuracy, or maliwan for more elemental damage. Tediore if you like Tediore.

No Bandit, though. Bandit PC's act more like shotguns than smgs due to the erratic firing pattern.
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User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#3
I prefer Maliwan Impetuous Plasma Casters.

User Info: JimiMorrison187

4 years ago#4
Take a look at the charts in this thread:

It shows all the parts by manufacturer and their effects.

I prefer Maliwan too.
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User Info: innersmoke

4 years ago#5
They are all beast!

Dahl for not missing a shot
Hyperion for highest damage
Maliwan for DoT
Tediore for gun throwing
Bandit for, dude I just don't feel like aiming right now, somehow it works
GT- Innersmoke

User Info: xBallyhoox

4 years ago#6
Maliwan > Tediore > Dahl = Hyperion > Bandit

User Info: SchnawserHauser

4 years ago#7
xBallyhoox posted...
Maliwan > Tediore > Dahl = Hyperion > Bandit


User Info: genesis42

4 years ago#8
Maliwan = Tediore > Dahl > Hyperion > Bandit.
GT: SevenDeadIySin

User Info: pyromite

4 years ago#9
I had a Tediore slag plasma caster. Killed anything and everything in seconds, so long as you weren't too concerned with ammo depletion. I gave it to my friend after I picked up a slag Wyld Ass Blassster (or however Bandit spells it) and he's having a hell of a time with it.
GT: pyromite; lvl 50 legendary commando in BL2
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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#10
Maliwan all day.
XBOX GT: illbzo1
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