question about manufacturer parts

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User Info: Zenxin

4 years ago#1
So when it comes to stocks, grips, accessories, etc, are all theoretical combinations on a weapon possible? Are there any instances where certain combos are illegitimate on certain weapons?

User Info: HeROiiCs

4 years ago#2
I do believe all weapon combinations are possible. However some may not make sense like a Maliwan part on a Jakob's rifle.

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

4 years ago#3
all legendaries have fixed bodies and barrels. most unique gear is similar, as in the available parts pool is much smaller than a non unique.
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User Info: MystearicaGrant

4 years ago#4
Almost every part combo is possible, with some exceptions:

Vladof Barrel on a Jakobs Pistol, E-Tech Barrel on a Jakobs or Torgue Pistol, Tediore Grip on a Jakobs or Vladof Pistol, none of those are possible normally.


Shotguns, the E-Tech Barrel can only spawn on Tediore, Bandit or Hyperion brand.


Every other combination should be possible.
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User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#5
Etech barrels can't spawn on Jakobs or Torgue weapons, neither can elemental attachments apart from a few unique Jakobs.
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